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This is the website for Peter Andrew Smith. 
I write fiction and non fiction.
I write religious and devotional material
I write articles and other things.

Have a look, discover more about my writing, drop me a line if you like!

Things I write

I write fiction (sf, fantasy), devotional material, and what I’m calling other.
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Some of the most fun as a writer is to get letters and reviews from readers!

“A Time For Everything” by Peter Andrew Smith is an excellent story. A black man, condemned to a prison run by a malicious machine named Cyclops for murdering a group of racists, must orient a young neo-Nazi into hell-like prison life. The unique mood and setting creates an interesting flavor that instantly won me over. A lot of cool Sfnal elements keeps things spicy.

Eric Joel Bresin

Peter Andrew Smith’s “Bully for You.”…The length for this tale about an invading Fleet Lord is exactly right, the tone hitting just the right note of wry humor, and the last line made me laugh out loud.

Sherwood Smith
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I write a combination of things- some silly, some profound and lots in between…

I write what I like to read...

I started writing in the early 2000s because I was reading a book and thought to myself- “I could write something better than this”

I’m not sure if I did but I ‘ve had fun writing along the way… 

Peter Andrew Smith

I write and sometimes other people like what I write…

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