•  Perils of Twilight

    Perils of Twilight

    Five Stars! Filled with magic and a subtle sort of chaos, this story entices as few others. This is what pharaohs are made of. –Huntress; Book Reviews


  •  Bully for You

    Bully for You

    “Peter Andrew Smith’s “Bully for You”…The length for this tale
    about an invading Fleet Lord is exactly right, the tone hitting
    just the right note of wry humor, and the last line made me laugh
    out loud.

    – Sherwood Smith at Tangent Online
  •  The Fine Print

    The Fine Print

    “Peter Andrew Smith presents an interesting way for humans to
    out-think the aliens in the universe in “The Fine Print” a
    Campbellian tale of oneupsmanship when the aliens attempt to
    have the humans make good on the usurious loans they’ve been
    required to accept…”

    Stephen H Silver at SF SITE

  •  A Time For Everything

    A Time For Everything

    “A Time For Everything” by Peter Andrew Smith is an excellent
    story. A black man, condemned to a prison run by a malicious
    machine named Cyclops for mu
    rdering a group of racists, must
    orient a young neo-Nazi into hell-like prison life. The unique
    mood and setting creates an interesting flavor that instantly
    won me over. A lot of cool Sfnal elements keeps things spicy.

     РEric Joel Bresin  at Tangent Online