Biography and the Dogs

When I started to publish fiction I was asked like every author to contribute a biography. I have to do this every so often for my professional life and quite honestly find most of them boring so I decided to incorporate our dogs Willie (our schnauzer) and Barkley (a schnoodle) into each biography.


The result was something unique for each story and quite a bit of fun for me.

Coyote Lesson (2002)

Peter Andrew Smith enjoys reading and writing fantasy stories. He and his wife Meredith currently live in Quispamsis, New Brunswick in Canada. They share the house with their two dogs, Willie and Barkley, neither of whom look like a coyote but both of whom are tricksters.

That continued for almost a decade. Sadly in 2011 Willie died at the age of 15. His picture is still is on the wallpaper of my desktop and some days I swear I can hear him snoring behind me in his dog bed as I write. Barkley was our only dog for two more years until at the age of 15. He was a friendly dog who I still think about on long walks,

There are plenty of pictures of both Willie and Barkley in their own photo album.

In 2013, Sophie joined the household and is making her appearance in a biography sometimes later this year.