Flashpoint Unearthed The Perils of Twilight Airborne
"Invasive Species" The story of a loner who gets caught up the politics of the Cape Breton supernatural community.
"Wherever You Call Home" George Smith meets the woman of his dreams only to discover they're on opposite sides of a centuries old clan feud that their ghostlty ancestors are all to eager to continue. Unearthed is the Third Volume of the Speculative Elements Series from Third Person Press.
"The Perils of Twilight" Ameni, commander of armies, defeated the Kingdom of the Sun's greatest enemy with the help of Pharoah's neice. Yet as they flee a vengeful horde for the safety of the border Ameni begins to fear that his survival may destroy the land he is fighting to protect.
"Unwelcome Visitors" All Moses MacDonald wants to do is enjoy a quiet morning and drink his coffee. Yet the cawing of the crows and the perkiness of the co-ed his grandaughter brought home with her leave him no chance for a moment's peace before hell itself starts to break loose. Airborne is the Second Volume in the Speculative Elements Series from Third Preson Press.
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